Cindy Bender - 2019 AIB Top 20 Finalist

Cindy Bender is noted for her use of deep colors, while using watercolor as her medium. She enjoys the challenge of painting a variety of subjects and aims to find the beauty in everything around her. She says, “While the distractions of modern life are powerful and numerous, our world is still an enchanted place and we live enchanted lives. There is beauty everywhere I look, and I realize that I have been called to celebrate that beauty.” 

Cindy primarily uses watercolors in her work, but decided to use oils for her painting, “Orange Outburst”. Cindy was inspired to energize viewers with the brilliant orange colors of her tulips in this piece. She added white for contrast and purple to compliment the orange blooms. She also created a sense of movement by using long-handled brushes to free her strokes.