Katie Church - 2019 AIB Top 20 Finalist

Katie Church is a graduate of Zeeland West High School and is currently a student at Hope College, planning to major in education with an emphasis in art, history and English. She loves creating art in her free time, predominantly using oil pastels, acrylic paint and watercolors and has recently been experimenting with computer generated art and graphic design. After graduation, Church hopes to become a high school teacher and wants to continue to inspire others to create art and to spread positivity with others. 

“Shades of Legacy” is an acrylic paint piece. Church hopes that whoever views her artwork will have a sense of positivity through the warm and vibrant orange shades. Her painting features a cluster of orange tulips, with many other colors in the detail. Church states, “I wanted these different colored lines to symbolize all of the various ethnicities and backgrounds of the Holland community. The lines within each tulip meld and weave together representing the diverse multitudes of Holland working together to make our community full of joy and happiness. With my art, I hope to spread positivity, appreciation of nature, and joy for our city’s heritage throughout the Holland community.”