Jean Flower - 2019 AIB Top 20 Finalist

Jean Flower earned a Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western Michigan University. She continued her education, received a Master of Fine Arts from Western Michigan University and has since gained significant experience working with in landscapes in oil, watercolors and mixed media. Jean uses a wide variety of subject matter in her art, including aviation, religious icons, weather and nature.

Jean shares the inspiration behind her piece, “Creation’s Song: The Composition” with the following story.

“Fall – 8 months earlier: Faith that Spring will come.

I planted a fresh batch of Darwin tulips in my garden – multiple colors this time. I was curious as to what would emerge. Which would be my favorite? Which would be the first to burst through and give me the sign of Spring? My secret prayer: Lord, let them bloom at just the right time next year.

Spring – Stop, Look, Listen!

Stop: Spring arrives, and at the perfect time, blooms! To my delight, a favorite emerges. My head keeps turning to the three red-orange tulips with their deep blue interiors. Wow!

Look: I pull up my chair and sketch pad. I’m amazed at the beautiful mandala arrangement of the orange and blue petals. My heart leaps as I realize, surely there is a ‘Master Artist’ behind it all!

Listen: A small voice deep within reminds me: The tulips are the perfect sign of hope. Plan ahead, patiently endure the winter, and know that Spring will greet you with a joyful reward. The colors and beauty allow me to completely forget the monochromatic forms of winter.”