Lorma Freestone & Thea Grigsby - 2019 AIB Top 20 Finalists

Lorma Freestone and Thea Grigsby have been friends and colleagues since Thea arrived in Holland in 2009. Both served as Directors of Arts organizations; Lorma at the Holland Area Arts Council, and Thea, at the Holland Museum and the South Haven Center for the Arts. Their friendship stemmed from shared interests in art history, creating artwork and collecting rarified objects. So naturally, when they both retired this past year, they cooked up a plan to collaborate.

“Gelukkig 90 Jaar” interweaves found objects and paintings to honor the intricate history of the Tulip Time Festival. Grigsby’s 17th century-style oil paintings of the parrot tulip and the tiny little sprout serve as the centerpiece. Then Freestone’s intricate assemblage builds the history with objects, printed pages and ephemera which were collected by both artists. Combined, they draw the viewer into an experience, which highlights of 90 years of Tulip Time history.