Marsha Marier - 2019 AIB Top 20 Finalist

Marsha Marier has lived in the Holland area for over 20 years. When she first moved here, she loved how the colorful and eclectic tulip stood out as a proud part of heritage within the Holland community. Formally a graphic designer, Marier has always enjoyed the arts and taking on creative challenges, whether it be painting, photography or construction. She believes it is important to express oneself as an individual and dare to be different. Over the past few years, Marier has picked up painting again and is excited to be part of this colorful and joyous occasion alongside so many other wonderful artists. 

When describing her piece, “Holland Sunrise,” Marier explains that each sunrise is a gift that allows us to be filled with the sunrays of hope, community and love of natural beauty. It helps us to appreciate growth for what it is, to rise up like the beautiful blooming flowers, and to recognize the new possibilities that come with each day. The sun rising each morning is a gift, a restart or recharge, another chance for us to make a change and make a difference.