Betsy Buurma Morton - 2019 AIB Top 20 Finalist

Born and raised in Holland, Betsy Buurma Morton earned a BA in Art and Education, moved away to teach and then returned in 1995 with her husband and two small children. While raising her family in Holland for the past 23 years, Betsy has enjoyed painting local scenery, including tulip-lined streets, familiar downtown locations, the lakeshore and individual homes and gardens. She has taught watercolor classes at the Holland Area Arts Council and has also exhibited her work in many local shows and competitions. She has won awards and has been recognized for her artwork throughout the years.

Betsy’s Art In Bloom piece, “Sun Kissed,” is a watercolor painting. When describing her artwork, Betsy explains, “The colors of the tulips, especially after long, gray winters, are rich and exquisite. They are like summer’s sun-ripened fruit come to walk up our color-starved eyes.” As an artist and gardener, naturally one of Betsy’s favorite subjects is flowers. She has spent a lot of time painting and planting tulips, and yet, every spring the gorgeous colors of the tulips take her breath away! Her favorite tulip beds are the mixed color beds. She loves seeing how the jewel-toned tulips compete for attention. “Sun Kissed” was inspired by one of those mixed beds that she frequently visited.

Betsy’s Art In Bloom piece, “Folk Dance” is a wood cut print hand-colored with watercolor. The title of her artwork was inspired by the technique used to produce this piece. This technique reminds her of folk art, as well as “Ballerina” tulips, which appear to be dancing. When describing this piece, Betsy states, “As I carved my design into the wood block, I felt connected to carvers of wooden shoes. As I pulled the print of the black ink on white paper off the block, I felt connected to folk art.” The orange tulips in her piece are lily-flowering tulips, named “Ballerina,” a personal favorite of hers. All of the other colors in this piece were chosen to complement the orange of the “Ballerina”.