Delaney Ann Prins - 2019 AIB Top 20 Finalist

Delaney Ann Prins was born and raised in New Mexico and moved to Holland, Michigan when she got married. She graduated from Hope College and raised three children in Holland, where she has enjoyed the Tulip Time Festival since she first attended in 1966. She spent over 20 years as a librarian at the Herrick District Library and has since been a part of various organizations. She is currently president of the AAUW Holland Chapter, the photographer for the Big Red Quilt Guild, and a HASP member. Prins is also involved in Holland Friends of Art and participates in three book clubs. 

Prins’ piece, “Orange is the Best in Holland,” was inspired by her awe of Holland’s beautiful tulips. She has attended the Tulip Time Festival for over 50 years and is still amazed each year with the beauty of the tulips. Prins states, “Each year there are new varieties, new colors and new color combinations. I never tire of painting tulips and the surrounding scenes of the Lake Macatawa, DeZwaan Windmill, tulip lanes, pocket parks, churches, old homes and gardens. What a beautiful place to live and enjoy the beauty of tulips especially after a long, grey winter!”