Ken Rogers - 2019 AIB Top 20 Finalist

Ken Rogers was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Throughout his life, he has lived in Michigan, Florida and Hawaii and has always had a passion for drawing, sculpting and painting. While art came naturally to Rogers, he was also guided over the years by art teachers and his father, who is also a talented artist. In addition to his artwork, Rogers has also successfully worked in the Social Services and Human Resource fields, and now currently owns a movie rental business in Coopersville, Michigan. 

When describing the inspiration behind his Art In Bloom piece, “Orange Tulip Dance,” Rogers explains that this year’s theme, “Join the dance as we paint the town orange,” really spoke to him and allowed him to imagine tulips dancing as they continue to grow even after they are cut. Rogers says, “In my mind, the challenge is seeing beyond the ordinary by making the brush dance and the paint sing. There was no going back and fixing errors because the beauty in ‘Orange Tulip Dance’ is in the flaws.”