Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy - 2019 AIB Top 20 Finalist

Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy was born in Java, Indonesia, where she spent her childhood.  McCarthy graduated from Western Michigan University and currently lives in Wyoming, Michigan with her husband and her cat, Minmei.  She is a talented photographer and an emerging artist. Nearly five years ago, she discovered watercolor painting and taught herself to paint. Today, she works with watercolor, oil, acrylic and ink. Her works have been accepted in many art competitions in West Michigan and have been exhibited at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Fed Gallery at Kendall College of Art and Design. Most recently, she won third place in the Muskegon Lake Project Art Competition organized by the Red Lotus Gallery Center for the Arts.

In describing her piece, McCarthy explains that a wise artist once said, “Your brush is the extension of your hands and soul. Trust your brush.” She says, “This piece was a result of trusting my brush, letting myself free to make marks and splattering bright orange paint on canvas. My heart was dancing when I painted this. It was a fun dance like the Skotse Trije, a traditional folk dance from the Netherlands that was inspired by the Scottish dance.  As for Maxima, she is the Queen of the Netherlands.”