General Parade Guidelines


Each unit must maintain forward momentum with no slowing, stopping or performing en route. Parades maintain a brisk pace; your group must be prepared to maintain that pace for the duration of the parade.

Entries are required to incorporate one or more elements of Tulip Time’s mission statement: To celebrate Holland’s tulips, Dutch Heritage, and community. 
  ▪ Exceptions for unique entries with strong visual appeal OR for entries which engage with and entertain spectators are made by the Parade Committee.
  ▪ All persons participating MUST be in uniform dress, Dutch costume, or match the theme of the entry.  Type of dress must be outlined on the application.

To ensure the safety of our parade participants and spectators, Tulip Time and the Holland Police Department have decided that NO HANDOUTS and NO ITEMS thrown along the parade route or in the assembly/dispersal areas are permitted. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. 

Identification banners/signage with a salute to Tulip Time (EX: Quality Car Wash Welkoms you to Tulip Time!) must accompany each unit.  Each entry is responsible for their own banner and signage. Banners are limited to one per group with the exception of the Parade Sponsor.

Issue oriented entries will not be accepted. The parade committee reserves the right to determine whether an entry is in the best interest of the Festival. 

Riders/mascots must remain in their vehicle throughout the entire parade, and be prepared for convertible tops to be put up if poor weather conditions arise.

Applicants hoping to participate in the Kinderparade must be child or family-oriented organizations.

Those applying to the Muziekparade are required to consider the use of music in their entry.  Only a select number of entries will be accepted without the use of music.

Animal units must have prior parade experience, verification that the animals are parade safe, and a clean-up crew. Participating dogs must be up-to-date on their Rabies vaccine, licensed, and on a leash.

Helium parade balloons must not exceed 30 feet long/high by 15 feet wide.


The maximum number of walkers on the parade route with each entry should not exceed 20; exceptions will be made by the Parade Committee.

Walking participants must have the ability to walk the entirety of the parade route (up to 2 miles).

Walking units in the Muziekparade may NOT include wagons, strollers, scooters, etc. without receiving prior permission from the Parade Committee.


Note: Entrants should make arrangements for obtaining an appropriate vehicle prior to submitting their application. 

Vehicles in the parade are restricted to those used for pulling a float, convertibles (five years old or newer), or antique/classic cars (20 years old or older).
  ▪ Corporate vehicles are not permitted unless they meet the above criteria. 

All parade vehicles must be no older than five years (with the exception of antique/classic cars).
  ▪ Vehicles that fail to meet these standards are subject to immediate removal from the parade, including vehicles pulling floats.

Participating in a parade often means that your vehicle will be “idling” for many minutes at a time.  This can be difficult for motorcycles, classic cars, etc. and should be considered when deciding to enter the parade.


Tulip Time will provide approximately one dozen 10” diameter pots of live tulips (subject to availability). Applicants are encouraged to supply additional tulips if the size of the entry allows it.

Floats must be skirted, and all objects should be completely decorated in floral sheeting or its equivalent. Go to or for parade and float supplies, if needed.

Floats should be at least 16’ in length and not exceed 12.5’ in height and must be equipped with a three-pound, ABC general purpose fire extinguisher.

Each float must have its own driver and own tow vehicle; no riders will be permitted in the back of the tow vehicle.  


Firearms permitted in the parade will be for ceremonial purposes only, and will not be loaded. Rifles must only be carried in an “over the shoulder” position. 

Only active police personnel may be in possession of live firearms.

Entries that include firearms will be inspected prior to step-off by the Holland Police Department.

*The Parade Committee reserves the right to accept or deny any and all applications based on Tulip Time’s mission statement. Any parade-day deviations from the originally accepted application, violations of the stated guidelines, or inappropriate behavior could result in your entry’s exclusion from the parade.     

If you have any questions about the guidelines or application process, please contact Victoria Raterink at or 616-396-4221 ext. 117.

Applications will be available January 2, 2020!