What's Happening Today!


The Tulip Time office is open 10am - 2pm today. You can get information and find Tulip Time merchandise.


A mix of clouds and sun with high near 70. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph. 


The tulips are past peak bloom which means some of the blooms have started to fall but many still remain - it is estimated about 50-60% bloom. The City of Holland plants early, mid and late-blooming varieties to give us the best chance for a large number to be in bloom during the week of the festival. Get more details from the City of Holland Tulip Tracker at https://www.cityofholland.com/1022/Tulip-Tracker 

You can get details about tulip planting locations on the Tulips page of this website or by picking up a printed map in town, available at the Tulip Time office and in several other locations.

The interactive map is a helpful tool to review your plans for the festival.  (Click here to see the interactive map!)


🌷 All specific Tulip Time shows and events are done and after a few days rest, we'll start planning the 95th festival!

🌷Any time is a great time to visit Holland, explore and experience the area! Get more details about where to stay, visit and eat  at https://www.holland.org/

🌷Shop for unique Tulip Time themed items, apparel and more. Stop by the Tulip Time office during regular hours OR shop online any time at https://store.tuliptime.com/ 



Several area attractions and unique locations have fun things for all ages. Entry fees and operating hours vary by location at these independently operated venues. Windmill Island, Nelis' Dutch Village and Veldheer Tulip Farm are very popular spots. Get details for those locations and others on our Area Attractions page.

🌷Save the date for our 95th Tulip Time - May 4-12, 2024🌷