Our place to share more about the festival that brings thousands of people to our small town on Lake Michigan. Each year, our story keeps unfolding, embracing new people and new stories, celebrating difference and welkoming all to Holland, Michigan and inviting everyone to join the  dance.

  1. World Tulip Destination Worth Traveling For

    World Tulip Awards are presented to organizations and individuals who have distinguished themselves in the development and promotion of tulips as part of their destination’s tourism appeal. Tulip Time – Holland, Michigan, USA was recognized in the “World Tulip Destination Wort...

  2. The Tulip Journey To Holland

    As Dutch settlers made their way to Michigan, tulips came along for the ride.

  3. Tulip Time Announces the return of Klompen Garden

    Klompen Garden will showcase 20 pairs of artfully designed large ‘wooden’ shoes installed throughout the downtown Holland area.

  4. Tulip Time Through The Lens

    Photo walks though Windmill Island Gardens allow photographers an exclusive opportunity with photojournalist Mike Lozon.

  5. 2020 Festival Artwork Competition

    Tulip Time and the Holland Area Arts Council are pleased to announce the 2020 Festival Artwork Competition

  6. Rethink. Reuse. Recycle.

    Wonder how you can be a responsible tourist? Remember to Rethink, Reuse, Recycle at Tulip Time!

  7. Together

    Artist Cindy Awrey reflects on her inspiration for "Together", the Official Festival Artwork for Tulip Time 2018.

  8. Learning, Giving, & Growing

    Past Tulip Time Intern, Stephanie Eiler, reflects on the community Tulip Time creates, and how she continues to give back to Holland, MI in her work today.

  9. The Michigan Mule

    Coppercraft Distillery created a flavorful new twist on the Moscow Mule with a Midwest vibe.

  10. Rethink. Reuse. Recycle.

    Rethink transportation, reuse when you can and recycle with ease - Holland BPW and Tulip Time promoting stewardship of our resources!

  11. Red Tulip

    New Holland's history with Red Tulip as a celebratory beer is much like the rest of our town at this time of year: festive and welcoming.

  12. Discovering the treasures

    Holland is full of stories from a time long passed but still celebrated, and Bonnie continues to cherish discovering those treasures.

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