Amazing Images From 2023 Photo Walks

Our photo walk events allowed people to tour Windmill Island Gardens along with professional photographers Chris Sprik and Sandie Coffman on an exclusive early morning or evening photo shoot. Participants were invited to submit an image to the professionals for consideration of best photo. Below are the winners from each session that were selected along with the winner of all images submitted...congratulations to all!

Juror’s Choice of all the submitted images: Mariam Chowdhury and Ian Suddarth

Monday, May 8 morning session: Jennifer Bouwhuis

Monday, May 8 evening session: Amanda Tipton Snyder

Tuesday, May 9 evening session: Yasdani Gamez-Crespo

Wednesday, May 10 morning session: LD Wasson

Wednesday, May 10 evening session: Subharis Nayak

Thursday, May 11 evening session: Donna Henderson

Save the date for the 95th Tulip Time next year May 4-12, 2024!