Location: Civic Center Lot

Carnival Midway is bringing the best rides in their set to Tulip Time so your family can zip, zoom, whip and whirl around. Between the wind in your hair and the lights in the sky, Carnival Midway is bound to please.

Tulip Time Welcomes Carnival Midway 2022

Wristbands are available at the Midway entrance. Closing at 10PM or later each evening except the last Sunday. Be sure to visit for all the details about the daily schedule and wristband/ticket information. 

Wristbands: $30 per session
Individual tickets: $1.50 each or buy a sheet of 50 for $60
Rides require 3-6 tickets each except the Top Gun Ride. Top Gun Ride requires 12 tickets or a wristband plus 4 additional tickets
Height restrictions apply

NO unaccompanied minors

The carnival is open during light rain - it will close in the case of high winds or lightning. Hours and closures are at the discretion of Skerbeck Entertainment. Any closures or changes to scheduled hours will be announced on the Tulip Time website, on social media and it will be posted at the Civic Center location.

Friday May 5
Open 5pm-close (wristband $30)

Saturday May 6
Open 11am-5pm (wristband $30)
Open 5pm-close (new wristband $30)

Sunday May 7
Open 11am-5pm (wristband $30)
Open 5pm-close (new wristband $30)

Monday May 8
Open 4pm-close (wristband $30)

Tuesday May 9
Open 4pm-close (wristband $30)

Wednesday May 10
Open 4-close (wristband $30)

Thursday May 11
Open 3-close (wristband $30)

Friday May 12
Open 3-close (wristband $30)

Saturday May 13
Open 11-5 (wristband $30)
Open 5-close (new wristband $30)

Sunday May 14
Open 1-8 (wristband $30)

Additional Dates


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Civic Center Lot
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Holland, MI 49423
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