High School Dutch Dancers

The High School Dutch Dance program is managed through the local area schools. Practices begin in January. If you are interested in signing up to be a High School Dutch Dancer, please register here! Your High School Dutch Dance Director will contact you.

The following schools have Dutch Dance programs:
Black River Public Schools
Calvary Schools of Holland
Hamilton Community Schools
Holland Christian High School
Holland High School
West Ottawa High School
Zeeland High School
Home Educated Students

Practices will begin the week of January 9, 2023

Registration for 2023 is closed.

Questions about Dutch Dance in general? Email: dutchdance@tuliptime.com 

Click here to see the virtual style show!


Please get in touch with the school Costume Director for information on costuming or alteration needs for 2023.
Click here to see details about all the different costumes.


How to Wear Your Dutch Costume

Key Details We Look for at Inspection

Thank you for being a part of Tulip Time!