Middel Dutch Dancers

Join the Dance! The Tulip Time Festival invites all 6th, 7th or 8th graders from the greater Holland/Zeeland area to participate in our Middel Dutch Dance program.

Join the FUN of being a Dutch Dancer! Individual children or groups of children (i.e. theater troupe, sports team, schools, churches, family, neighborhood, etc.) are invited to participate in this parent-sponsored, parent-supported activity. 


Click here to register for 2019 Middel Dutch Dance
** Registration closes January 25, 2019 **

If you're a parent that would like to receive information about Middel Dutch Dance for 2019, send an email to kinderdance@tuliptime.com and we'll add you to our information distribution list!



Complete details will be available soon!


The specific Walchren (girl) or Axel (boy) costume is required.


Most items are in PDF format (click here if you need a PDF reader.)

For questions or more information about Middel Dutch Dance, contact Jen Tenpas at kinderdance@tuliptime.com


Thank you for being a part of Tulip Time!