Tulip Time Partners


Allow Festival Activities to be Predominantly Free

Funds raised through partnership support 40% of the Tulip Time Budget including our free events. Partnership is integral in order to support our parades, fireworks, Dutch Dance, and Kinderplaats as free community events.

Support Your Local Arts

Support the local arts through the Art in Bloom contest and the Tulip Time Poster Winner. Over 90 submissions from local artists are juried each year to be selected as the winner for the official artwork of Tulip Time. When you partner with Tulip Time, you also support other local arts and culture organizations that provide a talent/service during the festival. In 2016, Tulip Time gave back $89,000 to organizations such as the Holland Chorale, Holland Area Arts Council, Latin Americans United for Progress, Commons of Evergreen, Holland Civic Theatre, all four local high schools, Rotary Club and local churches.

Tulips & Traditions

Partner support helps us wow our hundreds of thousands of guests and locals with the 4.5 million tulips planted for Tulip Time each year. It also allows us to showcase our Dutch heritage with Dutch Dance, one of the festival’s most popular traditions that delights audiences with authentic costumes and dazzling performances free of charge all week long. As a community festival, we strive to continually reflect our ever changing community with our dynamic festival events.

Economic Impact

For every $1 invested through partnership, Tulip Time generates a $27 economic impact in the greater Holland area. This leads to an overall economic impact of $48 million in just 8 days.


Contact Lauren Genzink at lauren@tuliptime.com or 616-396-4221 x102 for further information about 2019 partnership opportunities!