Quilt Show Viewers’ Choice Winners

2024 offered up an amazing array of quilts! Below are the top 10 in the Viewers' Choice contest.


1st Place: 'Smelling Sweetly' by Dorinda Wiersma

2nd Place: 'Spring Gardens' by Sally Leep

3rd Place: 'Hallelujah Amen' by Kristen Kennedy

4th Place: 'Freedom' by Carole McLean

5th Place: 'Calm During the Storm' by Barbara Schippa

6th Place: 'Sew, Sew, Sew' by Sally Leep

7th Place: 'Sisterhood Quilters', designed by Rachel Hubler

8th Place: 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' by Claudia Simpson

9th Place: 'Tomato Takeover' by Jean Evans

10th Place: 'Mrs. Ford's Lament' by Jan Heydens

THANK YOU to all of the participants and for showcasing your talent for all to see and enjoy!🪡🧵🪡🧵🪡